A journalist, once upon a time. A science fiction writer, occasionally. Will write for food. Or even the odd kind word.

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    • Thank you, Rati, that’s very kind of you, and I’m glad you enjoyed Exploding Man. No, I’ve never dreamed that. I think Calabi-Yau space must be a very scary place.

  1. Dave,
    You’re the second writer I know who has used the ‘I write for food’ tag. The other is John Birmingham who I recently recommended to you for his most recent series Dave vs. the Monsters. Here in Oz we’ve already got all three books so far and they’re good – ‘splodey and funny both. His earlier work is also good including the deadly serious ‘Leviathan’ an unauthorised history of the city of Sydney. Btw I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Europe in Autumn’ and ‘Huw … ‘ so I’ll be tracking down everything of yours I can find. Are you in London? I’ll be there for a week in September. Would love to buy you a drink if possible and discuss ‘ Europe in Autumn’.

    • – Hi, Sten. *chuckles* In my case, that ‘will write for food’ thing is deadly serious. I’m glad you enjoyed Autumn and Lord Huw. Lord Huw particularly; that turned out better than it ought to have.

      Yes, I’m in London. Let me know when you’re about and we’ll meet up. 🙂

      As I said, I’d never heard of Dave vs The Monsters until I saw the book in Forbidden Planet, but it’s on my list to buy when I have some spare cash.

  2. I also thought The Incredible Exploding Man was great. Funny. best story in the Solaris collection.
    I’d go as far as saying the only story I liked in that collection.

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  4. Dear Dave,

    Congrats on the Arthur C. Clark Award nomination!

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  5. Dave
    Just read Europe in Autumn, after being pointed to it by an online recommendation. Very enjoyable. Delighted to discover your protagonist’s Estonian heritage. I spent three years as a journalist in Tallinn, landing the week after independence in 1991. I can tell you the rumours that the rooms in the Hotel Viru were bugged is more than a rumour: I was taken up to the top floor by a friend who worked there and the surveillance rooms exist with some of the equipment still in situ.
    Andrew Humphreys

    • – Hi, Andrew. I was in Tallinn earlier this year for a literary festival – my first ever visit – and enjoyed it enormously. It’s a wonderful town. A wonderful country all round, really. I was delighted to discover there’s a KGB museum on one of the top floors of the Viru, although I didn’t get a chance to see it. I really want to go again. I’m really glad you enjoyed Autumn. 🙂

  6. Dear Dave
    just finished Europe in Autumn and loved it. Reminds me enormously of an only slightly more exotic, certainly more dangerous version of my own (continuing, just about) career as a journalist covering Central Europe through the last decade of the Cold War (in East Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, Moscow, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Siberia, Ukraine etc etc – if you are interested you can pick up my ‘1989`: The Berlin Wall, (my part in its downfall)’ Arcadia Books, 2009, reprinted 2014. Your fictionalisation lives up to everything I ever imagined (or feared) – but I have a few real-life experiences you might throw into the mix next time around.
    Rudi is great and thanks for the fun. I really enjoyed it, just with the chilling fear that it might be coming true!

    Just a couple of niggling points that might be spelling typos: it is of course Brandenburger Tor, not Brandenberger, Rosa was a Luxemburg, not a Luxembourg, and I doubt very much Gordon Ramsay would be pleased at being called a patissièr (though it might be fun to try).

  7. I read your story “All the news all the time from everywhere” once but forgot the title and where I read it and all the details that would have been useful for finding it. But i remembered the world your story was set in and it *haunted* me. I asked around online (https://www.reddit.com/r/scifi/comments/b3t26/does_anybody_recognize_the_authors_or_titles_of/). I googled elves entrails and journalists from time to time… and just now, this morning, I found it as part of a preview of the Without a Net anthology on Google books and ordered it immediately. Mr. Hutchinson, it is so wonderful to finally make your acquaintance! The reason I’m writing to you is to find out if you have since written any other works set in The Crash universe? I look forward to reading more of your writing now that I know your name.

  8. Hello,
    i’m a huge fan of your books, I haven’t read The villages yet (soon) but the three books of your Fractured Europe were amazing. I’m writing for a french website called Unwalkers, and I would like to know if you’re interested to make an interview? i tried to contact your publisher too, but I think I may contact you directly too here, just in case.
    Best regards, à bientôt

    Mehdi B.

  9. I read your short story some time ago and then saw the novel was out. Some reviews were not so good, meh, different sense of humour perhaps…sometimes books from shorts are a bit goes on more, which is why I immediately ordered it from my local gets books for me guy.
    Part way though, and I love it, goes on more, excellent. Same humour, excellent. Totally love it, I expect I’ll sadly have finished it in another couple of hours, never mind, it goes in my library and will be reread, already reading bits out to my husband…..

  10. Having read and enjoyed all of the Fractured Europe series, I cannot help feeling that reality is starting to follow the plot lines. Isn’t one if the premises of the series a flu epidemic, although this one manufactured? Perhaps I need to pay closer attention to the barges I pass on my runs!

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