The Bookshop

Some places where you can buy my stuff with cashy money. Go on. You know you want to.

Thumbprints. My first ever collection.
Fool’s Gold. Available used for £0.01!
Torn Air. I have no idea what this ‘Space And Spectre Series’ was.
The Paradise Equation.
The Villages. The novel. Rampant hot sex from beginning to end.
As The Crow Flies. Some stuff.
The Push. BSFA Award-nominated. Cracking cover. And look! It’s an ebook now!
Lord Huw And The Romance Of Stone. Just filth, really.
Sugar Engines. Nanotechnology disastery stuff.

Europe In Autumn. The Second Novel. Trains, espionage, cooking. Really very good.

Sleeps With Angels. One of NewCon Press’s ‘Imaginings’ series of collections.

Europe At Midnight – The follow-up to Europe In Autumn. More trains, more espionage, more food. Probably better than the first one.

8 thoughts on “The Bookshop

  1. Dave – is The Push still available as an book? The link, Amazon and others suggests not – at least as at July 2016.

    • – I need to attend to all these links; some of them are out of date. You could maybe try NewCon Press directly – I’m not certain they’ll have any of the hardbacks left but they should have paperbacks.

  2. I can’t quite work out whether this line in the booklist:

    “Europe In Autumn. The Second Novel. Trains, espionage, cooking. Really very good.”

    is an intentionally confusing statement for spies and detectives, or whether it is just unlucky? 🙂
    Having verified on Wikipedia (bless them) I now know that it may (or may not) be your second novel, but as far as “Europe” books go it is the first one. Which is the one that I should start with, if I want to read the Europe books. So I have ordered it, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

    Just … amused, and a little tired 😉

    P.S. Shame on Foyles at Waterloo for not stocking a single book of yours 😦

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